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The first female pilot in the south of the country.

  I was born and raised in Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, where  34 years ago took placeInternational Ballooning Festival. City known internationally for its beautiful landscapes.

   Since I was a little girl I have followed the event and behind the scenes, until in 2003 I had the opportunity to make my first flight -I don't even need to say how excited I was, right?!- I realized that day thatmy world would be more colorful, seen from a BALLOON!

And so it happened, a few months after I was 18 I already had mu license in hand.

   Since then I have participated every year in the Festival de Torres, circuits,  national and international championships 

I participated in the Junior World Championship in Poland in 2021, Brazilian championship in Boituva/SP and I'm returning from a season in Marakesch | Moroccowhere I had the opportunity to fly with people from all over the world and today I am the   current Brazilian female balloon champion.

I try to fulfill my schedule and participate in as many events as possible. I have already won some titles in these years:
-Current Brazilian champion in ballooning.
- 2nd place in the 2019 Gaucho Championship | 2021
- 1st Place in the third and fourth stage of the 2019 Gaucho Ballooning Championship.

Today I experience the adventure of ballooning in many places in our country  and in many places around the world.
I thank God for the opportunity to experience these moments and especially to  my team for always supporting me on this path.

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