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  We have a team of pilots made up of professionals trained by the pilot Laís Pinho, pilot and ballooning instructor with more than10 years of experience.

Our Pilot Laís Pinho has been flying in a hot air balloon over Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, since 2011,the first woman to fly a balloon in the southof the country, today already has vast experience having participated in countlessfestivals and championships, national and international.

    The Passeio de Balão offers on its flights, takeoffs from the most beautiful beach in Rio Grande do Sul, Torres and region and also in the Canyons, (Praia Grande) allowing a privileged view of the GEO PARK CAMINHO DOS CANYONS | UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE.

     We always prioritize safety and adventure. individual or group flight options.   

  Schedule your training flight with pilots regulated by theAnac | National Civil Aviation Agency.
   Do you want to live this adventure?  Contact us, but don't leave your reservation for the last minute. We are here to make your flight the most incredible experience from start to finish. 


Torres - Rio Grande do Sul
Praia Grande  - Santa Catarina


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